About ME!

I started this blog in early 2011 as a way to let my family and friends (who I don’t get to talk to much over the summer) see what I do without having to hound me on my phone. That, plus I want to be able to prove to my children that I was once a very exciting, independent person.

“See that? That’s me in a wetsuit. Outside. You know, that place you never go because you and your FATHER are too busy on the computer?”

(Please read that in the delightful style of a Staten Island/New Jersey housewife. Because that’s what I assume happens to all women when they have children)

So even though this blog probably won’t last much past September, I hope you’ll hang around and keep up to date with our goings on. We are exciting people, Colin and I. Rockin’ the casbah since 2007, yaheard?



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