Couldn’t Sleep

Last night we got word of a cougar attack in the park on a little boy. You can see the news report on it here. I don’t know anything beyond what has been reported. I’m at home today, feeling very useless as I try to pack up our house. My thoughts are with the little boy and his parents, as well as my friends and fellow staff.

I didn’t get much sleep last night, not much at all. I was worried about the little boy, whose condition we still know nothing about, I was worried about our wardens and resource conservation and search and rescue staff, who were out all night combing the area for the cougar with a terrible task ahead of them. I’m still worried about all of them. I’m worried about my own friends and colleagues who have to work at the offices today, trying to keep people calm and answer questions as best they can.

And so I baked at 2 in the morning.

On a day when I feel at my most useless, at least I can still make people eat.

I keep staring at empty suitcases, but my thoughts are in the park, and they’re with that poor baby boy. Please send some good vibes his way today, I am sure he and his parents will need them.

Love and Cream Puffs,



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