Pig Update – It’s Getting Serious

I took Colin to meet Winston today. It felt like I was taking my parents to dinner with my new boyfriend. Everybody’s excited and nervous to meet the person (or people) they may end up having to deal with for the rest of their lives.

It was kind of a big deal because I have decided that I must have a Winston in my life. Winston is my new boyfriend, and Colin was the ever so serious, studious and concerned parent. So he came along to meet Winston today to see if he would be okay with someone like Winston being around for the rest of his life.

And Winston, being the attentive and adorable boyfriend that he is, hopped right into my lap as soon as I sat down.

Can I just tell you how much I love these pigs? Because oh my goodness, I can’t even handle it. Look at that little chunk!

I scratched his chubby belly and he went to sleep. Right there on my lap. Again. Best friends forever.

And then Colin took this picture. Instead of deleting it to the recesses of technological oblivion, I thought I’d put it on here, the internet, where nothing ever really goes away. It’s going to haunt me, but I’m currently living in a post-piglet snuggle state of euphoria. So enjoy.


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