I’m in Love with a Pig

His name is Winston, and that is his bum. When the picture was taken, his head was cozily tucked under my arm and he was fast asleep. And I was simply, completely, totally in love.

I have always liked the idea of having a pig for a pet, but logistically, a 200 pound pot bellied pig simply would not do. And Colin firmly put his foot down: there would be no giant pigs in our future together.

But this, this glorious tiny little chunk of piglet has changed all that. I will have one. I must have one.

Best Part? Pink ones, they do exist!

Did you know that pigs love popcorn? True fact, look it up. We were meant to be  together, pigs and I.


Help me. I’m so in love it hurts.

I’m taking Colin to see him tomorrow. I’m sure he’ll love him too, right?


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