Things That Happened This Week

This week was surreal. Not because of my exhaustion level, but because of the cool and totally awesome things I got to do while at work. On Friday, Parks Canada paid me to make sand castles on the beach. Then they paid me to help kids build kites and teach them to fly them. Then they paid me to eat cake.

Ex-squeeze me? Somehow I fell into my dream job. Cake with a paycheck? Yes please!

Sadly, that does not happen every day. It only happens once a year when a magical day known as Canada Day falls upon us. I’m kind of hoping for a recreation of Groundhog Day just so that every day can be cake and kites and sandcastles.

On Saturday, I worked at the campground checking people in and teaching them about being bear aware and keeping their campsites squeaky clean. We started off the day with a pack of wolves howling just outside the campground and finding bear scat (translation: poop) on the beach trails. I didn’t realize that the high-waisted pants attracted wildlife. Must be a forest warden kind of thing. I will be more careful with my use of the high-waisted pants in the future.

Yesterday at the Interpretive Center a visitor told me he saw a bear on the South Beach Trail, which starts out from behind the building. 15 minutes later, I got a second report of the same bear essentially right behind the building. I was hoping I’d be able to escape this job without using the radio (where EVERYONE who works at Parks can hear you stutter) but no such luck.

Just so you know, I looked super forest warden-y with my high waisted pants, button down collared shirt, sunglasses using a freaking RADIO to get ahold of the duty officers. I even got to use fun radio jargon which made the experience very authentic for those visitors who were watching me report the bear. I’m all about authenticity.

Five minutes after hanging up the radio my boss phones me and asks if that was me at on the radio. My first thought was “Oh god, she’s phoning to make fun of me and tell me how TOTALLY inauthentic my radio voice was. Knew I should have gone for the southern accent.” But no! She was calling to tell me how utterly impressed she was with my radio conversation, considering I had no training in it.

I should have told her that I listen to the work radio constantly because I like being able to tell visitors about up-to-the-minute wildlife sightings….and I just love hearing people say “10-4”. I can’t wait to say that on the radio.

So this last five days has been busy and fun and overwhelming and awesome. I really love my new job and all the cool things I get to learn about and do every day. Next week, Colin and I get to go dog roving on the beaches together, which translates to walking the beaches all day whilst reminding people to keep their dogs on-leash.

Alex + Parks Canada = True Love

Today is a day off.  I feel so inspired by my Parks Canada love that I might just go buy myself some aviators and dig up a ranger hat. Authenticity, people!

Someday soon I will remember to take pictures of myself in my uniform for all of you to chuckle at. I won’t deprive the world of that hilarity.