200 Motorcycles

Yesterday was a pretty normal day. I was working at the Cox Bay office in Tofino. It was a busy, sunny, totally normal day.

And then the cops showed up.

I always get excited when the cops park in the parking lot. Are they doing seatbelt checks? Looking for speeders? Will I get to see them arrest someone? CAN I SEE YOUR GUN?


Anywho, so the cop parks in the parking lot. He pulls out an orange traffic cone and starts walking down the bike path. He walks back, without the cone, and comes inside the office.

“I’m going to be escorting some motorcyclists into town in about fifteen minutes. They’ll be pulling into the parking lot. In the meantime, I’ll be at the beach.”

We were all a little confused as to why a couple of motorcyclists would need a police escort into town…unless of course one of those motorcyclists was George Clooney finally coming to propose marriage to me, in which case I totally get it. Safety first!

About twenty minutes later, we see this:

Well, that certainly is a few motorcycles.

Oh, Wow. Hey there.

That is certainly more than “a few”.

Yeah. Crazy, right? But wait, it gets crazier.

Who’s that dork in the Parks uniform?

Oh right, that’s me.

Turns out that what Mr. Policeman called “a few motorcyclists” was actually an even 200. And they were filming for a BBC program where some guy rides around the world on a motorcycle, gathering people as he goes. By the time he reached Tofino, he had amassed this many people!

I think the camera caught me standing on the deck watching it all happen, so when this crazy show airs, keep an eye out for me. I’m freaking famous!



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