Search Terms

One of my favorite things to check on my site stats is how people have found my blog. There’s a super handy tool that tells you what search terms people are using that lead them to your blog. And my goodness, they are interesting.


“picture of unsafe bald tire”

“tofino “cheap food””

  • Good luck with that, my friend.

“middle of the night dog rescues in amish country”

  • At first I didn’t understand, but then I remembered this!

“why do sea otters steal each others babies?”

  • Indeed! Also, why are they so mean? Why do they bite each others faces? Why are they so cute yet so incredibly evil?

“kelsey vicars”

  • Kelsey, if you are reading this, someone is internet stalking you via my blog. Unless that was just you googling yourself, in which case, all is well!

“marriage proposal in tofino”

  • For MEEE?

“why amish people fascinate me”

  • I hope I gave this person some insight. Amish people = pinnacle of coolness.
I do get several searches for “tofino” and “working in tofino” and “tofino giant squid”, which is my personal favorite. Always delightful, giant squid. We should all learn more!
Today is a day off at last. Tomorrow Colin and I are driving across island to Nanaimo to see Harry Potter! Momma is meeting us there to hang out and accompany me to Costco, as mothers do know best when it comes to grocery shopping. In the meantime, I’m a cherry pitting machine and baking up tons of deliciousness. Recipes and pictures to come!







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