A Very Memorable Night

Put on your judgeypants!

Last Tuesday Colin, Carolyn and I went to a fashion show for the various clothing stores in Tofino.  Having attended several fashion shows of various caliber throughout my life due to both sister’s ventures into modeling, I had expectations. High ones. Here’s a link to an Oscar de la Renta show I worked at this spring for Bisou Bridal. See? Pretty! Organized! Clean!

Not to say that I’m some kind of fashion show snob. Natalie’s the one who went to Market Week in New York, so if you want to find someone who has a legitimate claim to being a fashion show snob, take yourself to Nat. I just like a little effort and a good show. However, when the show was clearly not going to start on time (it was advertised to start at 9, people were still rigging up projectors at 9:15) I started getting right cranky.

Hi Carl! I knew we were in trouble when I saw the BED SHEET being stapled to the wall….

But then I realized that the bed sheet stapled to the wall was being used to tell me that I was going to watch a fashion show. Informative!

And then the entertainment began! Please also note the floor decorations, which consisted of crushed rhododendron flowers and curled up pieces of ribbon.

That hula hoop right there? About 10 seconds later it flew off those garter-covered legs into my lap. Please imagine Alex’s “not impressed” face now in order to comprehend my feelings toward the hula hooping.

Tofino-chic, no?

After a lengthy (45 minute) break that I did not understand the reason for, the hula-hooping resumed. This time, rather than me getting hit in the shins, someone else got smacked in the face. No one told me to bring my protective gear to the fashion show!

After the second round of hula-hooping came the ‘naughty’ portion of the fashion show, which was shockingly tame except for a few bare bums provided by the men of Ocean Outfitters, who wore only aprons down the runway.

Some other oddities of note:

– lady attempting to blow gigantic bubbles splashing soap water all over the carpet (and crowd).

– people riding a gold sphinx attached to a skateboard

– sparklers

– a group weed session outside the show

– male models acting like dogs while lady models held the ‘leashes’

I know it sounds like I had an awful time. I’ll admit, I wasn’t at all impressed with having to pay ten dollars to sit and wait for forty minutes, get hit with a hula hoop and then get splashed with soapy water. I also wasn’t impressed with having the tech guys’ crotch in my face while he attempted to rig the projector into place with what looked like dental floss.

I thoroughly enjoyed the show and the clothing and that fact that everyone was having such an awesome time. People really had fun and were clearly relishing their own Tofino brand of fun and fashion. So sue me, it wasn’t mine, but it was a fun night.

Except for the rhododendrons on the floor. Never fun.



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