Company’s Coming!

Today, despite the massive amounts of “liquid sunshine” pouring from the skies, I am excited. We have visitors coming! Yay!

Also, whoever came up with the term “liquid sunshine” to make rain seem happier needs a lobotomy. I like a nice rainy day only as long as it allows me to hibernate in my house with hot chocolate and Orlando Bloom movies. I got that on Wednesday, so why is this weather still hanging around?

Oh right, I live in a place where the average rainfall hovers around 13 feet. I feel like if someone hugs me hard enough I might leak like a damn dish rag.

Nut enough about the weather, we have VISITORS! Better yet, visitors with DAGS!! Or dogs. Or widdles, if your name is Tarah. I’m just shaking with excitement. Like a widdle!

I’m terribly sorry if none of this is making sense. All I want is a cinnamon dolce latte and my yoga pants, but instead I’m furiously typing this before my shift starts, wearing uncomfortable high waisted pants. Life, it is a trial.

But alas, tonight I am making homemade perogies! I have never made them on my own before. I was always relegated to pinching the dough while my Baba or Papa worked the magic. But tonight, my friends, tonight is the night that I embrace the Ukrainian in me. I have my wooden spoon ready with which I will whack any wayward children (not that I’m expecting any children in my kitchen, but you never know!). I have vodka and Pepsi (or, “wodka and pessi” as Baba always called it) and mint tea. It shall be an extravaganza.

I do have a lot to post about last week, which included a wonderfully weird fashion show and some honestly great weather, but those will have to wait for the moment. I promise, lots and lots of pictures in the next one, and a post about the perogies too!


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