Two Months To Go

The view from my desk. Jealouscauseyoushouldbe.

Oh hey halfway point, where did you come from?

Someone at work the other day mentioned that there were only six months left until Christmas. Enter heart attack. Where is the summer going? Has it technically even arrived yet in coastal areas of BC? According to the numerous melancholy status updates on my Facebook feed, it most certainly has not. Tofino has been unnaturally grey this June, and after yesterday’s October style rain I am going to agree with all of you: Summer has gone AWOL.

For the most part I’ve been ok with this, believing that I had endless amounts of time in which to enjoy the summer to come. Until the Christmas comment, which shoved everything into perspective. We only have 60 days until we pack up and blow this popsicle stand. I’ve been distracted by my 40 hour work week and dazzling Parks Canada paycheck so much so that I forgot that grey skies and translucent skin, while the norm 75% of the year, were severely out of place in June.

So here’s hoping for July and August. May the last 60 days of our summer in Tofino be bathed in sun (preferably on my days off, thank you), margaritas (from Sobo, natch) and SPF 60 helioplex sunscreen (because pale really is the new tan. Vogue told me so).

In other non-related news, we had a surprise visitor this week. Becky from Campbell River! I say that like it’s her title or something. Like she’s the only person from Campbell River. Goodness Alex.

Anyway, Becky came out (for one night and one night only!)…

Sorry, Mammi Mia script running through my head again. Where is Emily when I need her? I just sang the opening lines of “Don’t Go Wasting Your Emotions” and all I got was a stink eye from Colin. Ugh. Boys.

Again, anyway, Becky brought Timbits with her which means she automatically became The Best Person Ever. I ate every single sour cream glazed timbit in the box and I felt no shame. I felt my arteries harden, but no shame.

It was honestly so great to have visitors, especially since Colin and I were both off and had the time to hang out. Our days off fall between Tuesdays and Thursdays which I know is wildly inconvenient for those of you with real jobs, but we would still be so, so happy to have people any old time. So I’ll extend the invitation again. If you’re thinking of coming, just let us know when! We have lots of room in the house and our backyard is actually a pretty rocking campsite too if you swing that way.

Take this as a reminder to yourself as well: there are only 60 precious days left until September. Enjoy them. Come visit. Amen!




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