Household Goes Surfing

Sorry for neglecting the blog over the last week. My new job at Parks Canada leaves me wiped at the end of the day, so I haven’t had the time to write a post let alone think of anything interesting for you to read. However, today is my day off and so I will tell you all about the fun times had by our household.

At the beginning of June we acquired Alex whose sole job is to occupy our spare bedroom. That, and be a surf instructor. But his main job here is to occupy the room. He does a delightful job of it. The surf instructor thing also comes in handy when we all go out surfing together. I guess we’ll keep him.Even though Colin now has this cockamamie idea that I will start surfing all the time with him if Alex gives me lessons. Where he gets these ideas….

That’s Alex teaching Carolyn how to successfully stand up on her board. Carl and Colin were pretending not to listen but secretly trying to glean some tips.

We love Alex. He cook, he cleans, he teaches us to surf. Plus he grows basil in the window. And will you look at those CURLS!

Alex, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry. But we really like you and hope you stay forever. Or at least until our lease is up.

Carolyn doing a popup, an essential surf move that is impossible to master if you don’t do pushups or like to eat a lot of trans fats.

At least, that’s what I tell myself. Blame the trans fats.

There they go! I should mention here that I went for a run this day and was too exhausted/sore/lazy to work up the energy to go surfing. After the Rip Tide Incident of 2010 I am extra wary of getting into the water when I’m already tired.

So I sat on the beach, read a book and ate a waffle. No joke. Ate a waffle on the beach. It is an excellent combo and you should try it. Beach and Waffles is the new Chicken and Waffles.

Just lovely. I waded in up to my calves and felt very at one with my surfing friends. Really connected. Then I went and ate my waffle.

It was a totally amazing night to be out on the beach. Freaking gorgeous. Cold and windy yes, but really really sunny too. Lovely.

So pretty.

Long after I got bored of reading and ran out of waffles, everyone finally came back and we packed up to come home. A successful household surfing excursion was had by all.

The End.

Tomorrow, a post about our recent backyard barbecue and a new recipe experiment!


One Comment on “Household Goes Surfing”

  1. mom says:

    Great pics! Yes, we need to come out!!!

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