New Jobs and New Summers

Happy first day of summer!

I celebrated by going for a run. You heard me. A run.

I don’t usually run. I don’t like all the jouncing and pounding and sweating and just the general nature of running and how it equals working out. That certainly explains the extra 20 pounds sitting on my thighs and tummy. But I ignored all that and went for a run. Luckily I bough a very cute, flouncy pink running skirt/short thing from LuluLemon in anticipation of running once or twice this summer. Never underestimate the power of pink ruffles on your bum. You could rule the world.

I plugged in the newish Britney Spears cd on my phone and got to work along the Lighthouse Trail. Frig that CD is good. Awesome for workout. I pretty much exclusively listen to Britney for any workout, because her tunes are rockin and I like to think that Britney also hates working out and made the CD only so that we could all survive exercise a little easier.

But that’s just me. Listen to what you like! I don’t quite understand the runners who listen to classical music, but to each their own.

The run went pretty well for about a half an hour until a nasty old basketball injury kicked in, causing my right calf to seize up like a vice. It literally feels like all of the muscles and tendons turn to rocks. I tried to push through it but soon remembered that trying to do that makes my whole right leg go numb. Yeah, freaky! I decided to pack it in then and come home, all but dragging my bum leg behind me.

So, my kinesiology friends, please explain that one to me. Colin tells me it’s because I don’t stretch enough, but if you have met my dad you would know that we are the connoisseurs of stretching in this family. So please help, my thighs really need the exercise, and the whole calf thing is way too good of an excuse for me to not run.

As far as yesterday goes, I’m still processing a lot of information. While I already have a good knowledge of the National Park here, working for Parks is a different beast. Government stuff, rules, processes, contracts, etc. Lots of STUFF. I did learn a lot yesterday while working at the Wickaninnish Interpretive Center, which beats all other offices as far as views go. The front desk (where I’ll be working) looks out on the south end of Long Beach, and yesterday the seas were so calm we saw both grey whales and harbour porpoises hanging out in front of the center while we sat at the desk. Unreal.

Over the next few days I’ll be bouncing around to different offices, learning the ropes at each one. I expect to be pretty brain dead for about a week, but I’ll do my best to remember to take pictures and whatnot, so you can see all the fun stuff I get to do at Parks.

Part of my job is dog patrolling on the beach for half a day, which means they pay me to walk. On the beach. For hours. Oh yeah, and tell people to keep their dogs on leash. But really, mostly walking.

I love my job.


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