An Ode to Home

I’m home. I love home.

I love Maple Ridge. I know I hate it during the winter. I hate it with a passion. I hate the rain, I hate getting stuck in the inexplicable traffic between the bridge and 207th. I hate that there are no good places for dates in Maple Ridge. I hate that it is so freaking far from Kits, where I work.

But lordy do I love coming home in the summer. I love my house, I love that the air smells like flowers. I love my kitchen and my bath tub and my bed. I love that my dog has a heart attack when Colin comes over and I love being close to all of the people I think are the cat’s meow.

I love the movie theater with its delicious popcorn (I saw Bridesmaids last night – so funny). I love being here for the Stanley Cup Finals. I love waking up feeling nervous about game 7.

I love going to Costco.

I love knowing that I can come home whenever I need to and just soak up all this love and happiness and know that everything is going to be okay.

I also love that I have an amazing, wonderful boyfriend who will not only text my mom behind my back to arrange for me to come home, but will come home with me and be my big old (literally – 25 years old) tower of support.



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