Colin’s Birthday

…….is tomorrow.

I had you there didn’t I? You were just about to look to the top right hand corner of your Facebook screen to see if you had somehow missed that handy-dandy notification that Mr. Colin Midgley was turning 25. And then you would have gone right over to his page and written the obligatory “Happy Birthday!” on his page.



Well, now you know that his birthday is tomorrow, you can start getting excited ahead of time just like me! Following along on the current theme of me being too lazy to actually take pictures of anything I do, I’ll just post the things I’m cooking for Colin for breakfast tomorrow. I am getting up at the crack of dawn (for real, he leaves to go surfing at 6:30 am) to make him a birthday breakfast.

So here goes. I highly encourage making all of these recipes for your significant other. It will make them happy and you will be a more accomplished person. Unless you already know how to make these things, in which case you are already accomplished and are now very….practiced?


Buttermilk Biscuits by Tyler Florence. Normally this is where you would see a nice photo of some delicious looking biscuits. Unfortunately Mr. Florence does not see fit to include pictures in his recipes. I believe this is sacrilege, since I learned to cook from the Jamie Oliver School of Pictures For Every Recipe.

For those of you fearful of buttermilk or who also hate having a half empty container of the stuff in your fridge, I highly recommend you forgo buying the junk (who drinks it, honestly) and instead make your own buttermilk by pouring one tablespoon of lemon juice into a measuring cup and then topping it up to however much milk you need, up to one cup. After one cup you should add a little more lemon juice (or vinegar! I don’t discriminate).

Do not fear the biscuits. They are easy and so worth the effort. And they don’t even take that long.

With those biscuits I will be making something that Colin is going to learn to love if I have to make this every day for the rest of his life.

His life would be short, but he will learn.

Biscuits and Gravy

Yum. If I could find a recipe I liked I would make real sausage gravy and biscuits like what we had in Ohio, but so far none of them measure up to Bob Evans. I’m trying to figure out how to convince Lisa from Sobo to teach me how she makes sausage gravy (do chefs make that?) because she is from Texas and I’m pretty sure her recipes could end wars.

Just sayin.

Speaking of Sobo, that is where we’re going tomorrow night. It’ll be a big family affair with Colin’s dad, stepmom, stepbrothers and girlfriends coming along. I have already planned what I am ordering. Want to torture yourself? Here’s Sobo’s dinner menu.

I was going to get the Pasta Carbonara but now I see the Bison Osso Bucco, and then Colin’s dad said something about a special….

Whoa, off track now. Dreaming about tomorrow night’s dinner is dangerous business. I’ll end up needing to go there for lunch or something and I’ll ruin the anticipation like a kid who peeks at the presents before Christmas morning.

I never did that. Scout’s honour.

Never was a Scout either.

Anywho, tomorrow should go smoothly unless I wake up late, in which case Colin’s birthday breakfast will end up being him rushing out the door with sausage biscuits in his hand dripping gravy all over his wetsuit while I drink mimosas alone in honour of his birthday.

It could happen. I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow night, unless I have a Sobo margarita, in which case I can’t guarantee anything for the next three days.



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