Game Day Food

Today is my first day off in 8 days. It is heavenly. The weather is kind of perfect, not so sunny that I feel obligated to spend my time at the beach, but not so cold that I don’t want to leave my covers. I might actually get stuff done today!

Because today is game day AND I have the day off, I am going to make all kids of delicious game day type foods. Should you care to cook along with me, here are a few of the recipes I will be partaking in!

Coincidentally, all of these recipes are from The Pioneer Woman… I think the lady just has a knack for what to feed men, because of the whole livin-on-a-ranch-married-to-a-cowboy thing.

And can I just say something about the Pioneer Woman? I love her. Like, really, honestly, totally love her. When I discovered her website about 6 months ago, I spent 8 HOURS looking through it. She is funny, she is weird and some of her recipes are for real the best ones I’ve ever tried. Especially the chocolate sheet cake.

Plus, I want to live her life in Oklahoma with the ranch husband, four kids, two basset hounds and 12 million cattle. Ree, will you adopt me?

When I took these to Colin’s soccer game in the winter, I think  they become the most popular things I had ever put in front of them. But where could you actually go wrong? Bacon, cream cheese and jalapenos make the world go round.

Cheese Bread. But not cheese bread like any other cheese bread. This one has mayo in it. Never put mayo on your cheese bread? You do now.

Chicken Tortilla Soup. This was the first Pioneer Woman recipe I ever made. And then I vowed to make everything else on her website, since this was so. freaking. good. And really easy too!

These recipes are some of Colin’s favorites, and since he had a rough morning (woke up late, has to wear a Parks uniform) I thought I would make this so that he would feel a little better when he got home to watch the game.

I am also going to throw in a little dip recipe that everyone should know but I have found that most Canadians have never heard of. My people of the North, I introduce you to Queso.

Oh, you’ve met? Well then. Let’s just act like you haven’t, mmmkay?

To make Queso, you need to go to the store and buy two ingredients that you most likely do not have. Velveeta and Rotel. Velveeta is the pinnacle of processed cheese. It comes in a big block and it is wonderful. Rotel is a can of chopped tomatoes, onions and green chilis, and it also goes in the Chicken Tortilla Soup, in case you are planning to follow me to a T today.

Cut up the Velveeta deliciousness into large cubes. Crack open that can of Rotel. Toss them both in a medium sized pot. Put that pot over medium heat and let the cheese melt, stirring often until completely smooth and hot. Ta-daa! Queso.

Please make this tonight. I am making, so if you make it it’ll kind of be like we’re all together, right?

You can add lots of other things to Queso, like cooked crumbled sausage, monterey jack or cheddar cheese, jalapenos, extra onions, whatever. Just know that whatever you do it will be freaking delicious because it has Velveeta in it, which is probably a tool of Satan meant to lead us all into some kind of abominable sin eventually.

Begon Satan, into my tummy.


One Comment on “Game Day Food”

  1. Natalie says:

    Can you make all of this and bring it home to me. Perhaps steal a canoe or kayak if you must! Miss you lots my dearest sister xoxo

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