The Month of May, brought to you by my phone

My computer is broken. I think it committed electronic suicide, but Colin just said that a Trojan attacked it and wiped out my hard drive, which really confuses my history student sensibilities.

Because of the broken computer, I can’t transfer any of my pictures from my camera cards onto a computer, since Colin is silly and owns a Mac. For real Colin? Looooser. So instead I’m going to finally show you some of the gems that have been sitting on my phone for the last month. Please, enjoy the following montage….


Lens flare! Look at that mom, I’m learning all of these technical terms. Isn’t this a great iPhone picture though? I mean, the sunset can take all the credit for being so darn pretty, but you can’t deny that the camera on these little beauties is not half bad.

These are the stairs on the new Lighthouse Trail, which starts right next to my house. I was very thankful that I was only walking down these stairs. I hope to never have to do the opposite.

I’m in trouble.

Momma came to spend the day with us while we shopped in Nanaimo for bulk food. We took her out to a fun Mexican restaurant and then made her wander Costco with us. Moms: what would we do without them?

This is us driving in the middle of the road on our way home from Nanaimo. Colin was trying to maintain the radio coverage of game 7 of the western conference finals. Shockingly, we only had about 10 minutes without coverage in the entire trip. TEAM 1040’s signal strength = amazing.

When we got home from Nanaimo and I was finally allowed to open my belated birthday gifts (which are the best gifts, by the way. It’s alike a month long birthday extravaganza!). I said some choice swear words when I unwrapped this little beauty. While it isn’t the $400 cast iron Le Creuset that I am saving up for, it is possibly the best birthday present I have ever received in my life. My first Le Creuset! I cooked with it the very next day and I swear it made food more delicious.

Um, hello cavernous hole in my loaf of bread from Coombs. Yeah, that cave ran through the ENTIRE THING. I salvaged it by chopping it up and freezing it for croutons, but come on people. If I wanted a hole in my bread I would have bought the bagels.

It’s the mythical Saltines without the salt! I thought people just joked about their existence, but look at that! Here they are in my kitchen. I did not let Colin get off too easy on buying these, because hello, who buys saltines without the salt?

I live here. No big deal.

This was my view Saturday while I prevented errant cars from plummeting towards the crowds of people at the Dock Fest. I was clearly super dedicated to my job, since I had the time to take at least five different shots of Meares Island….

So that is about it. There are about 100 pictures on my phone just from this month alone, but I don’t think you would appreciate seeing all 12 pictures of the neighbor’s cat who is constantly trying to get into my house, or the 19 pictures of my feet in the sand.

You’re welcome.

So here’s to June! This month will be off to the most kick ass start, since I’ll be at Hot Springs Cove all day tomorrow, then getting a free massage, then spending the night at Pacific Sands in a private villa with the ladies of Tourism Tofino.

AND I’M NOT EVEN KIDDING ABOUT ANY OF THAT.  Love my job. Expect a very long a picture filled post in two days!


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