Funny Things Visitors Asked Today

*Pointing at the long term weather forecast*

“Is this true?”

Are you asking me if I know, right at this moment, whether or not the weather forecast for Friday will be correct? I realize that seeing rain for the next three days can be upsetting, but let’s not start hoping that the Info Center girl has any sway over Mother Nature. If she did, would it be raining right now?

“Alex is a boys name where we come from.”

I realize this isn’t a question, but sometimes visitors tell me the funniest things. I know I have a boy’s name. There were too many Allie’s in my kindergarten class, so I decided that I would be edgy and change it to Alex. Or maybe I didn’t, all I remember is that around the age of 6, people stopped calling me Allie and started calling me Alex. I never know what to say to that statement, though. All I ever say is “Nope, I’m a girl!” and hope that is enough to satisfy their need to inform me about how gender-confusing my name is.

Often, when I first meet locals who regularly get emails from me, their first statement is “I thought you were a boy!”. I have been tempted to change my email signature and name tag to the full Alexandria just to avoid the occasional surprised local or visitor.

Just for the record, I am a lady.


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