Back to Ohio

Because I’m still sleeping almost twelve hours every night, I have no time for fun things to post on here. So I’m going to take a step back in time and show you more of my Ohio trip.

That’s right, twelve hours. It’s great, but I’m just exhausted all the time. Must be fighting off a cold or something. Or it’s just the sea air knocking me out. One or the other.

Way back when I was in Ohio, I took Colin to the Longaberger Homestead, which is the root of those giant baskets you see everywhere. The Homestead is the headquarters, and is a great place to shop for – what else? – baskets. They have house stuff too though. And sweaters.

I have dozens of pictures of myself and my sisters with this bear. It used to be located in the most wonderful teddy bear store in Dresden, but when that shop closed the bear moved into the Homestead. Colin joined years of Ohio tradition by having his picture taken with the bear (which Tarah once said she would marry – it never worked out. Long distance thing).

Colin also fell prey to the tradition of making his own basket at Longaberger.

Colin was an amateur. While his basket did end up looking good, it was clear there was no Ohio blood in his veins.

Mom howled at this picture. This is my “Yes mom I will look up at you and smile to accommodate your picture taking obsession, but make it quick cause I have tools in my hands and am making a work of art” face.

Look back up at the picture. You know it’s exactly what was running through my mind. Look at that clenched jaw. I’m expressive like that.

The red eye really enhances the crazy look though. Must get Photoshop.

Colin and my Auntie Deb had a good time together.

Princess Shinyface, Nice Basket Man and Colin. We worked well together. Aren’t our baskets pretty?

More baskets! This one looks so ugly because they are re-weaving it for summer. Not because it was a sad reject basket that didn’t make the cut to become this basket:

Those wee little people are Colin and I, just to give you some perspective.

Everything’s bigger in Ohio, and by everything we just mean the baskets.

We also took Colin the ‘The Place Where The Magic Happened” also known as the place that facilitated the love of his life being born. Or, Ohio State University.

This is the Schottenstein Center. It is the Ohio State University hockey/basketball arena. It is just slightly smaller than Rogers Arena. People take their Ohio State sports seriously, which explains why Columbus Bluejackets tickets are only $25 for decent seats.People just don’t have room for any teams other than the scarlet and grey!

This might look like a cathedral to you. Well, I guess you could say that the OSU football stadium is kind of like the church of Ohio State. Yeah, this is the entrance to a football stadium. Stained glass windows and vaulted entryways.

If you can tear your eyes away from the architecture, please also note that Colin and I are working it out for the paps (Momma). Thank you.

I know it’s not a church. You know it’s not a church. But it still feels kind of…spiritual in a way. It’s the social and entertainment center of the campus. I attended a game here a few years ago, and I finally understood what my parents were carrying on about all those years. Ohio State football is a big deal. Tailgates and matching outfits and more tailgates and all night parties, all surrounding one Sunday game of football. It’s pretty amazing.

Our trip to Ohio was everything I wanted. At the heart of it, I wanted Colin to meet my family. I wanted him to understand where my family comes from and why they’re so important to me. And I wanted him to understand why Ohio is the symbolic place that means so much to us.

I think he liked it.


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