Feast Dock Festival

Today, I volunteered. It was stressful. And fun. And delicious.

I volunteered for the FeastBC Dock Festival, which is part of the FeastBC festival that has been going on throughout the month of May in Tofino. Chefs from all over have come to Tofino to cook and participate in some really amazing local events. Each week has a different theme. Last week was salmon week, this week is crab and next week will be spot prawns. I can’t tell you how excited I am for spot prawns. One year ago I would have been totally grossed out at the thought of eating a prawn.

Thanks Bobby, for forcing me to eat all of the things that used to totally gross me out. I love prawns now. Of course, it helps that I started out by eating the pinnacle of all prawns, the spot prawn. Deelish.

As a volunteer, I really just had to man the dock and make sure kids weren’t trying to dive into the ocean. I took the diving off the dock thing so seriously that I reprimanded my new boss’s kids.

I didn’t know they were my new boss’s kids. Luckily, there were a ton of people at the dock festival, so I could easily hide my beet red face behind any passing stranger. Like this one!

Awful picture, I know. I was trying so hard to be stealthy and as un-creepy as possible, but this picture comes off way creepier. Like I’m some freak hiding in this guy’s North Face hoodie.

Rob Feenie, I sincerely declare that I was not stalking you today, even though I bumped into you four times and awkwardly said “Thanks Rob!” when you tossed a crab in the trash can I was emptying. Thank you for being nice and smiling at me and not having me arrested. That was sweet.

Let’s move on, yes?

Aside from Rob Feenie, there was also grape stomping at the dock festival. While grape stomping is cool and all, I was far more impressed by the guy on the left’s fascinating balding pattern. A bit reminiscent of Beetlejuice, don’t you think? Good on you though, random grape stomper, for taking on the long hair/bald spot look. Rock on.

Also, this guy managed to crank out 1.6 liters of grape juice, easily doubling the volume of anyone else in the competition. Impressive!

Trilogy Fish Company had some of the most fun activities at the festival. Fun, unless you were a crab. First, they had an amazing and messy crab shucking contest. I was too busy herding children off of dock ledges to get pictures, but it was fun. Then, the crab races commenced.

You read that right. Crab races.

This was the crowd for the crab races. Impressive, no?

We like to race our crustaceans in Tofino. I couldn’t stop thinking about Sebastian the lobster from The Little Mermaid singing “Under the Sea”. I felt bad. But then I figured that at least one of those crabs was probably like Ariel and really just wanted to be up where they walk, up where they run, up where they play all day in the sun….

I’ll be quiet now.

There’s my favorite Tofitian, Bobby Lax, being interviewed by Sean Majumder of Comedy Central fame. Sean also participated in the grape stomp with his fiance, which was cute. His special on the dock festival (including the scintillating interview with Bobby) and his stay in Tofino should air sometime in the future on the W Network. I think he has a special or something. I didn’t pay much attention, as I was still trying to keep children from diving off the dock.

When I wasn’t saving children or picking up litter, I got to look out at this amazing view from the Fourth Street Dock. The whole time the dock fest was going on, the dock itself was still in use by local fishermen. It was really fun to see them bringing up huge red snapper and salmon and then watch the tourist’s jaws drop.

Even more fun, watching the tourists try to dodge seagulls who were wise to the dock festival’s offerings of free crab legs. I think that’s why I had such a great time today. It was people watching at it’s finest.

Bobby again. I felt bad taking pictures of random people, so I ended up taking may too many pictures of the few people I actually knew. Sorry Bobby. You look nice though!

Also, that rhubarb you gave me is amazing. I’m going to leave Colin for it. It’ll be a beautiful relationship.

And I really liked the asparagus you gave me.

That is all.


One Comment on “Feast Dock Festival”

  1. Momma says:

    Nicely done, Alex! Nice shots, I taught you well! Sounds like I should have come this weekend for good food!

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