Funny Things Visitors Asked Today

“I’m just coming in to see if you have any information about Tofino.”

Nope, no information here. We call it the Tofino Information Center for fun. These maps, brochures and magazines are completely void of any and all information about Tofino. I also know nothing about Tofino, despite this name tag that says Visitor Information Councilor. These maps are actually of Saskatoon.

“I booked into a hotel in Tofino, but I don’t know which one. Can you help me?”

You sweet person. I will help you find your hotel, even if I have to call every single one of the twenty-some-odd on my list! Luckily this very nice lady remember the word “west” was somewhere in the title, which narrowed it down to two hotels. It still baffles me, though, that someone can drive all the way out to a remote community and not know even the name of their hotel. You are allowed to not know how to get there, you are allowed to mispronounce and even have the name only partially right. But you should not come here not knowing the name of your hotel.

Thank goodness she didn’t say bed and breakfast. We have over 200.


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