Today I am twenty-two.

I think I’ve finally hit that age where getting older loses it’s shine a little bit. Twenty-two feels older. No laughing, all of you legitimately old people. I know how you roll. But really, after twenty-one everything just feels like a slippery slope to thirty and marriage and babies and mortgages.

Today I slept for twelve hours. I guess that’s a sign that I’m still young. Can’t sleep twelve hours with marriages and babies and mortgages, can you?

Today, I baked this bread. Soon, I will show you how I made it. And you will be amazed.

I asked Colin for an ‘amazed’ face and this is what I got. Looks more like an ‘omnom’ face, no?

Good lord, excuse my messy house in the background. We were moving furniture and hooking up wires. And I am lazy.

Today, I thought about exercising. Probably because of this:

But really, homemade iced tea has no calories, amiright? I probably need to exercise because of this:

Hello, lover. I totally took this at the wrong angle, because you just can’t fully appreciate the brisket goodness that was going on under that bun. The onion rings and the slaw were pretty damned good too.

I love Sobo. Colin loves Sobo too:

Three words for you: Thai Chicken Roti. When you come to Tofino (when! Not if), you must have this. I could bathe in that peanut sauce. Colin almost stabbed my hand with a fork to keep me out of it. But I gave him an onion ring so we were cool.

Not today but a few days ago, we went to Shelter and met this pretty lady. Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl.

Just jokes! This was the hazelnut tiramisu at Shelter, which I made the excuse to eat since we were there, watching the game, and I wasn’t just going to sit there and order nothing. Geeze. Turns out Peter Zambri of Zambri’s restaurant in Victoria, which I haven;t been to but have heard a lot about, was testing out this recipe for his Italian Night at Shelter. It was part of the Feast! festival going on in Tofino all month, and I’m sad I missed out if the tiramisu is anything to go by. Love at first through last bite.

Today, because I am 22, I am going to do the following:

1. Dress up nice, even though I’ll be working and at a talk about aboriginal tourism most of the day.

2. Buy myself something pretty.

3. Read my book in bed.

3. Take my fine self out for key lime pie after cracking the whip and making Colin cook me dinner.

4. Eat a big bowl of popcorn. With real parmesan cheese.

I know it’s not that exciting, but it’s hard to celebrate without the whole family around. So I do my best with pie and books and popcorn.

I asked Colin if I could just have pie and popcorn for dinner, but he insisted on a healthy balanced meal.



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