Settling In

We are officially a week and a half into our Tofino summer. Our house is fully furnished, we have cable, internet and a stocked pantry.

I feel good, finally. Our first week here was a shitshow. Pardon my language, but that is the only way to describe it. I got sick, then Colin got sick, then Colin got really sick, then his eardrum done went and busted on him. I don’t want to gross you all out, but please heed Colin’s warning: “When you start bleeding out your ear, please take thee to a doctor. Stat.”

Colin’s ear is still very much busted, and he won’t be able to surf for a few weeks. Thank goodness we went surfing our second day here, or else Colin would have lost his mind. He came very close in the last week, considering that he was stuck at home, sick, with no internet. He made up for lost time last night by staying up until 2am playing Starcaft II. I made up for lost sleep from his coughing by sleeping a solid twelve hours last night. It was glorious.

Our first week was also dampened (literally) by the same heavy rains that hit Vancouver. Except worse. Our heavy rains lasted an entire week, coupled with hail, high winds and thunderstorms that shook my house so bad I was tempted to pull a Daisy and hide under my blankets. At least the rain meant that my first week back at work was slow, giving me time to adjust to the German accents: “Ver can vee find zee nice bitches?”

Information Center FYI: Zee The Germans are actually trying to say beaches. However, their accent make it sound like they’re asking where they can find some lovely ladies of ill repute. Should you ever hear a German saying “What nice bitches!”, do not be offended. They really just think the beach is pretty (I think).They also tend to make bear sound like beer and whale sound like wall. I don’t know about you, but beer watching and wall watching sound far more interesting than bear or whale watching.

Today, the weather is un-freaking-believable here. Colin and I woke up early and went for a walk on the beach, then did our civic duty by saving some washed up sea stars from seagull tummies. Now, I’m waiting for the sun to shift just enough in the sky so that I can sit on the porch for a little while and pretend to tan.

Posts with actual pictures to come soon, I promise!

But none of me pretending to tan.

(You’re thanking me right now, aren’t you?)


One Comment on “Settling In”

  1. Alana says:

    I love your blog Alex haha it always makes me laugh! hahaha

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