From Dresden to Roscoe

This is the focal point of Dresden. As you may have noted in the last post, this is the home of the world’s largest basket. When I was a kid, we used to come here to poke around in the little shops and swim in the most gigantic swimming pool I’d ever seen. When we came this year, I was really surprised to see how much has changed. Most of the shops have closed, and the swimming pool seems a lot smaller. Growing up sucks.

Here’s a little information, since I know you were just dying to know more about the bigass basket.

This beauty is also in Dresden. It’s called Prospect House, I do believe. It is very, very old and very, very run down. For a while, a few years back,it was being taken care of and the town hoped it would be turned into a tourist attraction. But like many other towns in Ohio, the economy sucked the life out of that idea. For years my sisters and I have talked about buying it and fixing it up. Someday!

We didn’t spend much time in Dresden, and honestly I’m a little glad. It’s hard to see the places that you loved as a kid change so much.

Luckily, Roscoe village hasn’t changed much. I honestly don;t think it’s allowed to change. Something about heritage buildings and whatnot. Thank goodness for that whatnot, because if Roscoe changed too much I would just about die.

Here we are,strolling along. Mom had commandeered my camera, since she had tragically left hers at home in what will forever be known as The Vacation Without Documentation Incident.

The General Store. It never changes. It has always looked exactly the same, inside and out, and thank goodness for that. And their apple butter is yummy. And I hope someday to fill my kitchen with all of their cutesy country kitschy stuff. Say that five times fast.

Medberry Market. Probably the only new thing in Roscoe that I am happy about. They make their own cheese! CHEESE. And Amish goods. And ice cream. And even Himalayan Rock Salt! No jokes here people. Himalayan salt in Coshocton. Hell hath frozen over.

Well, hello, sweater that makes me look pregnant. I hadn’t realized you swung that way until I saw this picture.

To paraphrase Khloe Kardashian, I am not pregnant, just chubby. Thanks, expensive LuluLemon sweater, for pointing that out!

Well. All I can say about this picture other than “control that food baby, Alex” is that it was taken on a set of very old steps, and we have a similar one with my sisters and some of my cousins from the last time we were in Ohio. That is all.

I’m off to do some situps.


One Comment on “From Dresden to Roscoe”

  1. I can’t stop giggling. “Bigass Basket”.

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