He Might Leave Me

I promised Colin that he would be able to watch the Canucks games while we were in Ohio. I scoffed at his whining and said “It will definitely be on ESPN. I mean, what don’t they show on ESPN?”

The Canucks game. That’s what they don’t show on ESPN. Oh, they’ll give you teasers all over the place. NBC is the worst. It’ll cover the Philly game and say “Stay tuned for the Canucks vs. Blackhawks next…..on VERSUS!”

We don’t have Versus in rural Ohio with basic cable. When we found this out, Colin took it surprisingly well.  He was all “Oh, no worries, it’s just game 4, win or lose doesn’t really matter.”

That was until the 7-2 loss. He was a little steamed that night. But he figured it was just a lapse in judgment, hopefully the embarrassing loss would motivate them to pull it out in game 5.

As we all know, that did not happen. I honestly wondered about how I was going to survive the rest of the trip with Colin being so upset. Should I just send him home? Find a bar that would have the game on (good luck)? Beg the Armstrongs across the street to let Colin commandeer their TV for the evening?

While they wouldn’t sacrifice their TV, the Armstongs did let me onto their wireless internet. God bless those wonderful people. So now, at the very least, he can listen to the sports radio online….or, dare I hope, find a live stream?

He has been very good about trying to not care too much about the hockey games. But after dragging him to an antique mall, a jewelry store and the world’s largest basket, I feel like Colin has earned himself some Canucks time. So hopefully we can find him some coverage, be it online radio or (dare I say it) a live stream.

Our relationship might not survive if this thing goes to game 7….


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