We’ve Landed

After a 3 hour drive, 6.5 hours in the air, and a 1.5 hour layover in the land of annoying hockey fans (Chicago), we have arrived in Columbus.

I kept myself busy on the first flight with a tried and true system of distractions. First, I listened to two hours of an excellent mix of Jimmy Buffett, Miranda Lambert, Elton John and Glee covers while reading book ten of the Wheel of Time series. When I tired of that, I pulled out the laptop and introduced Mom to Hot Fuzz, my favorite cop movie of all time.

She was not impressed. Maybe it was the church spire falling on that guys head? We’ll never know.

Oh wait, she just told me it was the church spire thing with the exploding brains. I knew I should have warned her.

The second flight was delayed a half hour, which is always delightful and should happen all the time. I also sincerely appreciated the lack of any air flow during the said half hour that they kept us trapped on the plane. It was just fabulous.

Luckily, the second flight was only about 45 minutes. Minus a slight moment of terror when the pilot turned the plane so hard that you actually felt the g-force, it was a pretty smooth flight.

Tomorrow we are off to Coshocton after dealing with some errands in Columbus. On our drive, we will visit this place:

Colin’s excitement cannot be understated. Did you know Colin loves baskets? Yeah, totally loves those rustic basket weaves. Really fits in with his country style and love of homestyle design. For realsies.

Or not.

I’ll keep y’all updated as much as I can. I miss you all already!


One Comment on “We’ve Landed”

  1. i love those rustic basket weaves too!

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