Four Days (Plus Two)

Just four days until we are off on our Ohio adventure. We will be gone for two weeks. After we get home, I’ve allotted just two days turnaround before we have to leave for Tofino. This is both good and bad.

Why this is Good:

1. It gives me little to no time to overthink or obsess about leaving.

2. Considering that our move in date for the house was May 1st, if we had left as we usually do in mid-April, we would have no place to live. Therefore, the timing of our vacation was perfect.

3. Going to Tofino straight from Ohio will hopefully help me feel sane enough to get through a summer without all of those people featured in this post.

4. The quick turnaround will leave time for only the essentials: packing and family time. No time for annual panic attack!

Why this is Bad:

1. Packing my entire life in two days? Without a doubt I will forget something.

2. It might not leave enough time to see everyone I want to before we leave.

3. Being in Ohio the two weeks before we leave might cause me to have my annual panic attack to happen there, in front of people who don’t know that this is totally normal and doesn’t mean I’m crazy.

4. Colin would probably like me to mention that I scheduled us to be in Ohio during the playoffs, despite my arguments that ESPN will be showing all the games, just like in Canada. He just wanted you all to know how he feels too.

I probably won’t be posting much while we’re in Ohio. My grandma doesn’t have the internet, and I’ll be too busy soaking up love and a steady diet of trans fats. Once we get back, we’ll be in whirlwind mode until we get to Tofino, where I’ll start giving you the (hopefully funny) day to day details of living on our own.

While I would like to say that once we’re there, we’ll be madly unpacking and stocking our house with domestic necessities, we always seem to sleep through the first day. So I won’t lie to you and tell you that I’ll be “too busy” to post those first few days, I’ll just be honest and tell you I’ll be sleeping. It has something to do with the ocean air and the mental exhaustion of moving.

Or, I’m just that lazy.


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