Summer Recipes

Having our own kitchen this summer is going to be a joy. I don’t usually get a chance to cook that much when we’re in Tofino, because Colin’s stepmother is such a great cook and I don’t want to invade her kitchen too much. Every now and then I would throw something together, but for the most part I just sat back and ate. It was glorious.

But this summer, I’m going to be cooking a lot more. And for more people, since there will be five of us in the house. Because of this, I’ve been combing food blogs and cooking websites for easy and yummy recipes. Here are some of the recipes I’m most excited to try out:

Spicy Dr. Pepper Shredded Pork by The Pioneer Woman. I love Dr. Pepper. I love pork. I think I will love this.

Lemon Roasted Chicken with Arugula Salad and Dilled Orzo by Martha Stewart. This looks so delicious and perfect for rainy day dinners in Tofino.

Burgundy Mushrooms also by The Pioneer Woman. I have been eying these up for a long time, but the nine hour cook time has kept me away. I am committing myself to make these this summer, because I think I need them in my life.

Chocolate Raspberry Pavlova by Nigella Lawson. Pavolvas are my favorite dessert, hands down. They are easy and they combine the texture of marshmallow with whipped cream and crunchy meringue. Adding chocolate and raspberries? I die.

Popcorn Fudge by Raspberri Cupcakes. Ambitious, right? But I must make this, and then hand it out to everyone I know so that I don’t devour it. Popcorn is my one weakness.

Chicken Fried Steak by The Pioneer Woman (I have a crush on her). If you have never eaten chicken fried steak, you are missing out on a southern classic. I have never made it myself, but I hope to conquer it this summer. And there is no one I trust more for a southern recipe than a nice lady from Oklahoma.

Now I need to go eat something before I start gnawing on my computer screen. The popcorn fudge is calling my name.


2 Comments on “Summer Recipes”

  1. Michelle says:


    Also – I can’t believe that I’ve never visited the pioneer woman’s website before… I’m definitely going to spend some time on that site!

    • Alex says:

      Oh my word. Welcome to the dark side, my friend. Try her chocolate sheet cake recipe, it is excellent. And the chicken tortilla soup. And the cinnamon bread!

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