Our House (We Have A House?)

We said yes to our rental place, sight unseen. We knew nothing except that it was close to Colin’s parents, three bedrooms and we would have free run of the top floor. And that we would need a bed.

For some reason the whole bed situation worried me a lot less than the kitchen situation. What does that say about me?

Today, I found out a boatload more. And I’ll just tell you up front, my house rocks.

We actually have two floors (the house is three stories).

This means I have an entire floor dedicated to the kitchen and living room. I cannot tell you how much that excites me.

There are three bedrooms upstairs, one has an en suite. Carl and Caroline are taking that one, since they have a giant bed (and they found the place, so it’s well deserved). Eventually we’ll find another roommate to take the third bedroom.

It’s just around two corners from where we used to live, so essentially the exact same area. I am still down the street from the hospital, the clinic, the liquor store, the grocery store and Sobo.

Plus, our house is pretty. It has cedar shingle siding and looks like it gets lots of sun (yay garden!). It has trees and flowers and cedar hedges.

It has a shed to store the surfboards and bikes. Which I don’t particularly care about. Sue me.

I would put a picture up of the place but Google Earth makes me feel like a creeper. So just take this moment to visualize my pretty, pretty house. And my pretty garden. And my pretty kitchen.

Thank you for that moment. I feel like you understand.




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