Only The Essentials

I shopped today. I shopped for the things that will make me happy this summer. Do you want to know what those things are?

Are you sure? You might think less of me. Because I certainly never thought that my happiest shopping experience would be at a gourmet grocery store. But there it is.

Tarah and I had a rocking day of shopping today. We went out to West Vancouver and hit up Whole Foods, where the cheese aisle will bring you to your knees. Maybe that’s just Tarah, but that cheese aisle is pretty amazing. After a long detour to Holt Renfrew and an exhaustive search for a shirt to go with sequined shorts (don’t ask), we finally ended up at the mecca: Gourmet Warehouse.

It’s on Hastings. It’s huge. It has everything. They leave bags of chips open everywhere for me to snack on. I love them.

I wish I had time to take pictures while I was there, but Tarah was hustling my hiney to get home. The place really is amazing and has pretty much everything you could ever need for your kitchen. I didn’t get everything I needed today, so I will have to go back before we leave for Tofino in order to outfit my new kitchen (awww darn, rough life).

But here’s what I got today, in case you are curious about what I keep in my kitchen cupboards.

If you aren’t and just stop here, I understand. Only nutters like me get this excited about spices and cooking utensils.

Cote d’Azur Kosher Salt. A big ass jar of it. I like having my salt in a big jar like this because I can control the amount I use with my fingers much better than with a salt shaker. And I like kosher salt because it tastes less salty than table salt. Or something like that.

I sincerely apologize for the atrocious lighting in this picture. I took it at night, and my flash is just plain scary.

These are my essentials. These are the things I use almost daily.

Except for oregano. I can’t believe I forgot to get oregano. It is my favorite, and I left it abandoned on the spice rack. I should be flogged, for realsies.

And then there’s this little beauty. It’s a rasp, and I use one almost every day. It shreds cheese and zests citrus fruit. It grates up little cloves of garlic. Everyone should have one, because it will instantly make you cook better.

Buy one, and you’ll be zesting lemons like Giada de Laurentiis. And then, before you know it you’ll be wearing cleavage-y tops and saying “spa-GEE-ti” instead of, you know, spaghetti. Use the rasp at your own risk.

So those are just a few of the things I’ll be packing in our Volkswagon to take over to Tofino, and beyond my knickers, probably the most important.



2 Comments on “Only The Essentials”

  1. Chrissy says:

    you ARE a bit of a nerd, but i love you. And I think we should most certainly do dinner this summer! XO

    • Alex says:

      I would LOVE to have your little family over! Also, those new pictures of your baby on facebook are to die for. She is gorgeous!

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