Getting There Without Going Crazy

The road to Tofino is a long one. The figurative one, that is. Sorting out what we need to bring and what we don’t, when to leave, what time, reserving ferries, etc. are all part of the extensive planning that goes into our trip.

Ugh. All I want to do is play with this blog and watch American Idol, damnit.

Speaking of, holy crap so good this season right? After last week’s eliminations, I am stoked on this show in a way I haven’t been since Kelly Clarkson beat out JewFro.

But back to the serious stuff, April really gets to me. In April 2008, prior to our first summer in Tofino, I nearly had me a little breakdown. The overwhelming amount of stuff to to, the reality of leaving home and everyone I love for four months, it all seems to hit me like a freight train come April. The first time was the hardest, I cried the whole way to the ferry, then off and on for the first week in Tofino.

It’s gotten a little easier every year. I have a pretty good system that keeps me from getting too sad, it involves nearly daily phone calls, emails and a halfway point visit home.

This year there’s so much extra to think about. Rent. Sheets. Plates. Shared Bathrooms.

Must stop….I can just feel my hand starting to itch towards my phone to call Colin and cry. He will tell me everything is going to be ok.

And at the end of the day, it will be. As easy as it is for me to sit here and worry about what might happen and what needs to be done before we go, I know all of it is going to be ok. If I forget to bring shampoo, that’s ok. If we end up having to leave a day later, that’s ok too. Because the most important thing (please look away if you are sensitive to mushy moments) is that Colin and I stick it out together and have fun.

I mean really, isn’t that what your twenties is all about? Figuring out the kinks and having fun?

And drinking Four Loko?



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