Giving It Up

This is my sad face too, Daisy

Most of you are going to read that title and laugh at me.

“Yeah, OK Alex, you are sooo sacrificing yourself, going to live in Tofino for the summer. Rough life.”

It’s true though. It’s a sacrifice.

To start, Tofino has some pretty strict bylaws against franchises. Any of them. We only have like, two in town. The Best Western and the Co-op Grocery store. Do you know what that means?

No Tim Hortons (probably a good thing. Donuts are the devil’s treats, I say)

No McDonalds (alright, I am thankful for this. I do not need McDonalds in my life. I do not need McDonalds in my life. I do not need McDonalds in my life.)

No Costco (we couldn’t even fit a Costco on the peninsula, let alone sustain one, but I cannot understate that joy of buying bulk toilet paper.)

No Wal-Mart (another one of those I-don’t-really-need-it places, but when you’re trying to furnish a house on a student budget, a Wal Mart would be so handy!)

No Starbucks. (Now, I could live with this. I don’t drink coffee on the regular, and when I do I am totally fine with the great coffee shops in Tofino. However, the cute little Tofino coffee shops do not carry my Passion Shaken Iced Tea Lemonade. This is a travesty.)

No H&M, no Joe Fresh, no Winners (I actually am completely unable to buy clothes in Tofino. Sure, there are clothing stores, if you want to spend $120 on a pair of jeans you could get at home for $60. Also, I am trying to stay away from the “surfer/hippy/flannel-lover” look this year, thanks.)

I’m also limited in the food department. Being a small remote town, Tofino’s grocery store is somewhat limited. It is in no way a bad grocery store, in fact it is surprising how much variety they are able to stock. However, when you need something like portobello mushrooms or pork shoulder or Genoa salami or peaches, it isn’t always there. I do a lot of improvising in my cooking in Tofino. And a lot of chatting with the butcher.

Movie theaters. Let me tell you people, as a girl who loves her Harry Potter movies (and movie theater popcorn), living in Tofino is a major, major sacrifice. The nearest move theater is an hour and a half away, meaning if I want to see a movie, it’s a flipping day trip. Seeing as how this summer’s installment will be the last Harry Potter movie ever, I have already planned to take a vacation day and drag Colin out to Port Alberni. I. Will. Not. Miss. This.

I also sacrifice the age old activity known as “dress up nice and go out on the town”. Dressing up nice gets you funny looks in Tofino. Snarky looks. Stink eyes, if you are Tarah. For realsies! People can be snooty if you put on a pair of heels in this town. Do I need to look really nice for work? No, I don’t. But I like to. I like to curl my hair and do my makeup and wear dresses, damnit. If that makes me less cool, so be it. If wearing Michael Kors shoes is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Sometime soon I will do a post on everything I gain by living in Tofino (which is a lot, don’t get me wrong). But for the moment, I’m going to sip my Passion Tea Lemonade and wrap everything in proscuitto, while I still can.


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