The Pre-Trip Trip

I would, right? I would schedule us a two week vacation in Ohio, departing the day after exams and returning the day before we leave for Tofino. I live dangerously. Maybe psychotically.

When we planned this trip at Christmas time, we weren’t sure what we would end up doing this summer. I had just started a part time job at a bridal salon, and Colin was interviewing for a job with the Ministry of Transportation. But I knew no matter what we ended up doing, the only window of time for a vacation would be the last two weeks of April.

So I booked it. Two plane tickets to Ohio, thank you very much. Well, three, since Momma Rose is joining us. We’ll be staying at my grandma’s house in Coshocton County, about an hour east of Columbus.

What’s that? You’ve never heard of Coshocton County? My goodness, what a travesty. It’s only the birthplace of advertising specialty (whatever that means), has a totally badass canal, and there’s a street called Whitewoman Street.

No joke, how do you not know about this?

Below is the Longaberger headquarters, otherwise known as the Big Giant Basket on the Way to Grandma’s House. It’s an office building. I love Ohio.

Anywho, we’ll be there for two whole weeks. Colin has never met this side of my family, so he’s shaking in his boots. He seems especially scared of my grandma for some reason. Maybe it’s the whole “Catholic Midwestern Grandma” thing.

She’s really sweet, I swear! Just delightful. A firecracker, though, who says funny things like “All they do is screw in those Nora Roberts books” and “Don”t touch my car door, I’m not dead yet”. Lordy, I love her.

Aside from visiting our family and friends, there isn’t a whole lot to do in Coshocton. We have a few select activities that we always partake in. For example, we always go bowling. We always go to Bob Evans and eat sausage gravy and biscuits. We always watch movies and eat food loaded with trans fats. I think I like those.

Sometimes, though, we break out of the mold and talk to cows, which is what happened in October of 2009. Please, allow Tarah to demonstrate.

First, you strut – not walk – towards the cows. Hair flip is optional, but as you can see Tarah likes to go above and beyond.

“Hi cows! I like you.”

Then you laugh at the cows, because you don’t really love them, you were just playin.

See? Cows are interested, maybe a little freaked out, but we definitely have their attention.

Entice them to come to you with grass, even though it appears they are currently in a field of grass.

She’s awfully pretty though, isn’t she?



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