Everything I’ll Miss

April is always such a daunting/exciting month for us. It’s the end of the semester, but it’s also when we leave home. This year has been a little bit harder.

OK, a lot harder. This little bundle of chub arrived in August of last year. We were still in Tofino when he joined the family, but we made it home about a week after he was born. Colin had to physically restrain me from stealing his car to come home, I was so excited. And lordy, do I love this baby. He is chubby and happy and snuggly and I can’t believe I have to leave him for four months. He’ll be dating when I get back, I just know it.

There’s also this little darling:

Apologies for the laser eyes. iPhones and beagle eyes just don’t seem to mesh well. She sleeps like this, for real. Sometimes she curls up like a normal dog, but most of the time she contorts herself into these acrobatic positions to sleep. I have too many pictures like this. I so wish we could take her to Tofino, but Tarah, who actually owns Daisy, might be a little mad.

So if you come visit me, please bring your puppy. It will make my week.

I will also miss these people:

That guy, he’s alright. I might miss him.

And maybe this old lush. I might miss her

Goodness, I won’t miss shopping for bathing suits with this one, but I might miss her. Maybe.

And I might miss this person who has grown a camera on her face. I might call her every day. Maybe.

I hate the thought of leaving, so I try to not think about it too much. It makes me sad and stressed and then I end up in a puddle on Colin’s doorstep. He does hate that so.

“Why, darling, must you weep?”

“I weep for I must leave my dog. And my godson. And my momma. Why must you tear me from all that I love?”

“Because I want to surf. And because you would go crazy in Maple Ridge if we stayed.”

Fair enough.

So I ask again, please come visit us! We have gone three summers with only my family to visit and the odd friend or extended family member. This makes my summer drag on so long, because all I ever really look forward to is seeing the people I love. And even the people I kinda sorta like but forget to call because I’m busy and I might have a touch of agoraphobia. So even if you think I only kinda sorta like you, come visit. I probably secretly love you too.


6 Comments on “Everything I’ll Miss”

  1. Paola says:

    Although we only met 1 time, i feel like i know you through your mom and dad. I love your blog, have a blast this summer in Tofino.
    I wish I was there, one day i may be.

    “Weep not my child, for although far away, those you love, find comfort in the thoughts of being in your heart”

  2. Kelsey Vicars says:

    I assume you will also miss my terrible singing. Never fear, I will deliver it to you so you shan’t go without.

  3. Emily says:

    LOVE your posts too funny and cute!

  4. […] 3. Going to Tofino straight from Ohio will hopefully help me feel sane enough to get through a summer without all of those people featured in this post. […]

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