Bobby’s Cooking Classes

If I had to describe last summer into two words, those words would be cooking class.

Oh sure, I could have chosen “mental breakdown” or “salt hiding” or “baby watch”, but really, cooking classes are what got me through last summer. Once a week, I regained my sanity by drinking wine and cooking with Professional Food Lover (god I wish that was my title) Bobby and a constantly rotating crowd of locals and tourists.

Bobby’s classes are small (around 12 people max) and always start with a quick tutorial on shucking raw oysters. Originally I partook in the shucking and eating, but now I just shuck. Textural thing. I don’t like to gag.

I managed to go to every class at least once over the summer. By the end, Bobby had practically hired me on as his setup/cleanup crew. I learned so much at Bobby’s cooking classes, and Bobby pushed me to try a lot of new things. Like oysters, prawns, ceviche and eggs.

Yeah, I know. I didn’t eat eggs. Sue me, I was picky.

Bobby taught me how to safely shuck an oyster without drawing blood, how to kill a crab humanely (which looks way less humane than the boil to death thing, but I trust Bobby) and how to make homemade pasta. All of which have significantly changed the way I cook.

Because I loved the cooking classes so much and want them to become a regular occurrence in Tofino, I arranged for the staff of Tourism Tofino to have our end-of-season staff party with Bobby.

This is the Tourism Tofino staff learning how to shuck oysters al fresco!

Look at me and my Italiano. So chic!

Also, I love how they are all mid-laugh. I totally planned that.

Here’s Bobby and Colin sharing a touching moment over a freshly shucked oyster.

Of course I made a table arrangement. As I have told Bobby many times, Martha Stewart lives inside me.

Bobby chopping olives for a yummy seared tuna and olive dish.

Olives, yet another thing I would not eat before I took cooking classes.

Live and kicking. I couldn’t bring myself to dismantle these crabs. I am a wuss. But I did eat them with a delicious ginger-soy dipping sauce. None of the work and all of the deliciousness. Another advantage to cooking with Bobby!

Bobby’s classes had a different theme every week. To give you an idea, some were about fish, chicken, eggs, Mexican food or wine pairings. Bobby gives you a recipe sheet at the beginning of every class that you can take home to recreate your favorites. Colin and I use them pretty often. May you be so blessed if I ever make you Bobby’s cold pea soup or his pork ribs.

And they really did keep me sane. They also helped me discover that when I am going crazy, I need to cook. It settles me down and lets me be a control freak when life doesn’t. And as any Kostenko woman will tell you, control is a wonderful thing.

I definitely recommend trying a cooking class, whether it’s in Tofino or wherever you reside. Even if you don’t like to cook, you still get to reap the benefits of eating at the end. And you might just learn something too. Also, you may need your sanity saved, much like I did.

Try a cooking class, because Alex cares about your sanity.


One Comment on “Bobby’s Cooking Classes”

  1. Jenn says:

    Hi there, do you have a link to Bobby’s cooking classes? I am trying to find a potential cooking class for a stagette in Tofino.

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