My Favorite Places: The First Street Dock

I don’t know why I love this dock so much. As a general rule, I hate docks and anything that juts out into the ocean. This includes boats and dockside canneries. I have a deep respect (read: fear) for oceans, especially when I can’t see the bottom. If I can see the bottom and know for a fact that there are no shipwrecks or freaky sea monsters smiling at my toes, I will be fine.

You can’t see the bottom in Tofino. The water is dark. There are scary things in the water. Things like this:

Not so cool, hey? They found this shark in Alberni Inlet a few months ago. I had a heart attack when I heard, because Colin has always promised me that there are no sharks bigger than a salmon shark of the coast of Tofino. And I believed that callous jerk. I wonder what else he’s lied about. Does he even really surf? Does he actually like my chocolate chip cookies? Who knows.

Also, why is that guy grinning in the background? He does realize he just found a shark, right? A shark that could have easily ripped his leg off and beat him with the bloody end.

(Sorry about that last part. My dad used to threaten me with that as a small child. Thanks for the nightmares, Dad.)

But back to the First Street Dock. Also called the Government Dock, it’s a busy spot throughout the day. Float planes and water taxis pick up and drop off here, as well as the First Nations boats from remote communities up the coast, like Ahousaht.

At night, the dock is usually pretty quiet. Unless you are visiting on Canada Day. In that case, avoid the dock at all costs. I’ve seen people fall in, which is pretty much my worst fear.

But the best time to go to the dock is at sunset. The dock is directly across from Meares Island and a few other much smaller islands that dot the inlet. And at sunset on a clear night, it is my favorite place to hang out.

I know this picture is not of  a sunset. I’m sorry to disappoint, but somehow I always forget to take pictures when we see a nice sunset. I’m a ‘be in the moment’ kind of girl, or some other inspirational line.

Please also note how far away I am from the edge taking this picture. Safety first, kids.You saw that shark.

So when people come to the info center asking for ‘nice scenery’ (to which I want to reply, “You aren’t looking hard enough”) I usually send them to the First Street Dock. And then I tell them to get their eyes checked.

Just kidding!


3 Comments on “My Favorite Places: The First Street Dock”

  1. Chrissy says:

    Darling Alex,
    I feel the need to point out that the shark in that picture is a six gill shark and is not dangerous and does not crave sweet Alex flesh. They do live in Clayoquot Sound but reside in the very deep areas and are only, very rarely, seen in Oct/Nov (though I have never had the opportunity to see one)
    As far as your fear of the ocean my dear lady, I would love to show you how colorful and beautiful it is under there by way of a Discover Scuba Dive (free for you and your man) It will change how you see the ocean forever, in a very good way, i promise! XO

    • Alex says:

      Oh thank you for that!! I was scared to get back in my wetsuit! And I am totally working myself up to a Discover scuba with you, I want to conquer my fears this summer!

      • Chrissy says:

        I shall pester you constantly until you finally give in then! I may even make it a job required FAM tour! heeheehee!!

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