My Favorite Places: The Beach

I love everything about Tofino, but I thought I would let all of you know about my near and dear, extra super favorites. I hope some of these convince you to come for a visit!

It’s a little bit ridiculous for me to just say that I love the beach. Everyone loves the beach. But I’m about to get specific on y’all. Not all beaches are created equal. But all beaches are special and need to be loved equally. Are you with me? OK good, let us begin.

These are my favorite beaches, in no particular order.

Tonquin Beach is my favorite beach for purely sentimental reasons. It is the first place we go when get to Tofino and the last place we go when we leave. It’s where I go when I’m mad or sad or being bad. It’s also where I go when I feel like pretending I can tan. It’s also our favorite place to go for a walk in the evening. It is a small beach and the only one in the downtown core, making it perfect for picnics (but not on a windy day. Steak and sand sandwiches, not yummy).

Chesterman Beach is everyone’s favorite. It is long, picturesque and is covered in hard packed sand for easy walking. It is also connected to Frank Island by a tombolo or sand spit (look at me Mr. Connolly, using geographic terms in everyday life. God I hope that was right). Frank Island is one of the best places for tide pooling at low tide. It is also a great spot for beginner surfers, since the waves come in pretty steadily and on the small side in the summer.

Incinerator Rock is more of a section of beach than a beach on its own. It makes up the northern end of Long Beach, and is a favorite of local surfers. Coincidentally, it it also the place where I encountered my first rip tide and had my first panic attack, at the same time! Don’t be like me. But Incinerator is great because it has A: great views of surfers; B: sheltered areas for reading/tanning/sleeping; and C: a really high rock that juts out into the water and makes for a great photographic/surfer stalking vantage point. It is also my favorite place to watch the Great Wall of Fog move in. Twilight was partially filmed here, for those of you who care.

I’ll tell you about why it’s called Incinerator some other time. I have a bath waiting and it’s getting cold. Plus, that just reminds me of work. But mostly the bath thing.

South Beach is in the Pacific Rim National Park at the very south end of Long Beach. We actually don’t go there too often, it’s about a 30 minutes drive away, but we try to get there every summer. It is a gorgeous little rock beach, also known as musical beach. The little rocks click together and almost sing during a good stormy day. South Beach has a very important meaning to Colin. It is a place that reminds him of Brendan, his cousin who passed away in 2006. It is the place where a wonderful picture of Brendan, who came to Tofino with Colin in January of 2006, was taken. Although I did not meet Brendan, whenever we go to South Beach I feel like there is no better place to sit and remember him. There’s just something about that big ocean up against those huge rocks that says something about life and really celebrates someone who lived it to the fullest.

So as you can see, not all the beaches in our little town are created equal. Each one is a little different and has its own thing going on. And a lot of people would probably disagree with me on my favorite beaches.

But I work at the Info Center, therefore I know all and am always right.

Lordy do I love my job.


2 Comments on “My Favorite Places: The Beach”

  1. Michelle says:

    Maybe I can convince Jeff that we should head over to Tofino for a visit. We used to go every summer with friends, but haven’t for the past few years. Maybe time to start up again?

    • Alex says:

      Colin would just about pee his pants with joy if you guys came out. You are welcome to come stay at our place anytime you like!

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