The House Is Ours!

Ok, it’s not just ours. It’s also Carl and Caroline’s. And someone I don’t know yet will also be occupying a room (anyone need a place to stay?).

This will be the first time I move into a place not occupied by a parent. Vancouver housing prices will do that to you.

Thanks Mom and Dad, for letting me and my sisters live in your house well past the age of twenty. Love ya!

I have to buy plates. Plates and forks and flour and sugar and sheets and lamps. Oh my word, I can feel my brain starting to implode already. I am very ready for us to have our own place, but having it set in stone like that, with a damage deposit paid and all, is very scary.

Colin and I are lucky in that we have both lived in Tofino for a number of years, Colin over ten. This will be my fourth summer in Tofino. We are also lucky that our many years working for Tourism Tofino mean we know every damn thing about that little town. And I mean everything. I can tell you where and when to launch your kayak, the best places to find Japanese glass ball floats, and where to get the best margaritas in town. I have the comfort of knowing that my favorite restaurant is only a five minute walk from my doorstep (thank you, sweet merciful lord).

Consequently, the hospital, clinic, grocery store, liquor store and the beach are all also within a five minute walk from my doorstep. I live the dream.

So I can take some comfort in knowing that we’re not diving into this without a clue. We know where we’re going. We have friends there. I know I have a wonderful job, the best bosses, and I’m only a 30 minute flight from home in case of emergency.

I have been thinking about writing about our summers in Tofino for years now. I wrote a few notes on Facebook over the years, but since this will be our first summer on our own I think it deserves a little notoriety. I hope I can entertain all of you with tales about funny tourists and my epic fails at surfing. But mostly I just hope this will help me keep in touch with everyone I never get to see while I’m in Tofino.


One Comment on “The House Is Ours!”

  1. Becky says:

    I love the fact that you’re a 5 minute walk from Sobo. I think they should have a delivery service right to your door. Either that, or they’ll know you by name within the first week of you being back in town:)

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