It’s The Little Things

When we decided to get our own place this summer, I knew I would have to give up many of the things I’ve enjoyed while living with my parents. The KitchenAid mixer is right up there. God, I love that thing. But there are others that I will miss, such as….

Ridiculous amounts of television channels. That I think I can handle, since Colin is notorious for somehow finding my favorite movies and TV shows in order to keep me busy while he is surfing.

The well stocked closets of two sisters. Delightful. I love being able to wander on over and borrow something with full and joyful permission of my sisters (Oh what’s that? I made that part up? Never you mind).

The family collective of Nora Roberts books. It’s probably for the best that I cut back on reading those, though. Colin is starting to look a little *meh* next to all of that tall dark and handsome going on in those books.

My cookbooks. Oh, my cookbooks. I just have too many, and Colin will weep if I bring them all. They will break the poor Volkswagon and then the German engineers will be angry and our whole summer will suck. At least that’s what Colin tells me.

Cheap food. Lordy is food expensive in Tofino. And I’m not just talking about the restaurants. Multiply the price of everything at Save-On in Maple Ridge by 2 and you will reach the average price of anything in Tofino. My parmigianno-reggiano intake is going to dip severely over the summer.

My bed. I discovered on a recent housesitting adventure that my bed is the best bed of all the beds in the world (YAHEARD?). While I can and will sleep on anything and still wake up fresh as a daisy, there is nothing like your own bed.

But I guess the one thing I will miss the most is just the convenience of living in a well-established home. You know how families always seem to have everything they need, and people moving into a new apartment are always missing like, can openers and nail polish remover? Yeah, I’m going to be that girl. I am overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things I feel like I might need over the summer: extra blankets, extension cords, first-aid kits, and dryer sheets. DRYER SHEETS.

So I actually hope that you guys who are living on your own (or who just have good advice, no discrimination here) to let me know what your essentials are for living alone. What is the one thing I’m probably guaranteed to forget?

PS: It’s not the wine cork taker outer thing. That baby stays in my purse.

Not really though.

Note: this post doesn’t contain the actual people (or dogs) I am going to miss. They will get a much more emotional and less funny post when I get more emotional and less funny as the moving date approaches.


2 Comments on “It’s The Little Things”

  1. Becky says:

    I learned to appreciate a good bread knife when AJ and I lived in Tofino. That and a garlic press, amongst many other things which I can’t remember right now.

  2. Betty says:

    Alex, you can borrow my KitchenAid mixer! I use it about twice a year to make biscotti!

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